Who We Are?

In today’s hash tag world we like the minimal efforts to organize an event by our own and make our self satisfied with the choices we made. Hall on rent is the concept initiated for the users who are looking for a perfect place to share a Joy or opportunity with all others. Hall on Rent application helps you out to choose the perfect location for your functions and yet provide the good ROI (return on investment).

What We Do?

You often hear the discussion on being digitized is the need of the era we are living in. We are more Facebook and What App generation and wish to have everything on our figure tips. We love iPads and classy mobiles but still in deep we required someone to suggest few things which can grow our business, serve our society, get in touch with our feelings, finding out new opportunities and to celebrate a success.

How Hall on Rent Work?

  1. Hall On Rent maintains a verified and searchable database of banquet halls located across several cities in India.
  2. From your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, you can digitally experience the ambiance of each hall by browsing the pictures, seating arrangement, list of events and amenities, catering menu, reviews, address, and the contact information of the hall administrator.
  3. You can also see the open time slots on the hall calendar and view the rates and packages for various events and add-ons.
  4. You can contact the hall administrator over the phone or email for further inquiries and book your desired time slot.
  5. Hall On Rent does not charge any upfront or hidden booking fees to its users. The process is simple and transparent and does not involve any complex terms and conditions.